Top 30 Entrepreneur Quotes

Being an entrepreneur means that you're doing something new and different. It can be difficult and draining, which makes support systems all the more important. Even if you're high and everything is going perfectly, guiding tips and little snippets of inspiration can go a long way. 

Entrepreneurial Support

Running and building a startup is hard. It takes effort and dedication to get your startup off the ground, but just focusing on the business needs for your startup can quickly lead to burnout. You and your team are what make your business a success. Entrepreneurs tend to put themselves on the back burner. Not taking the the time to craft and map out a support network for yourself and your team can mark disaster. 

Non-Profit Spotlight: CCT Atlanta

Community Consulting Teams is an entirely volunteer run non-profit dedicated to supporting other non-profit organization. CCT-Atlanta has served almost 200 non-profits in the Atlanta community and, with the 2014 season just successfully ended, CCT is looking to serve 20 more non-profits in their upcoming season. Steve Greenfield, Susan Baxley, and Carrie Montagna are all members of CCT’s executive team, dedicated growing CCT-Atlanta and strengthening the Atlanta non-profit community as a whole.