5 Ways to Find the Right Advisors for Your Startup

One of the most difficult parts of building your startup's team can be finding your advisory board. You probably have a selection of mentors who served as sounding boards for early incarnations of your idea and have helped you along your way. Having a strong advisory board can mean the difference between success and failure for your startup.

Startup Spotlight: Kids Business Expo

The purpose of the Kids Business Expo is to encourage and support kids between 12 and 18 in their entrepreneurial ventures, leading to  their partnership with Kids Are Heroes and Marcus Lemonis, the "Business Turnaround King" from CNBC's The Profit, will be the keynote speaker. Dirk Ebener, as CEO of the Kids Business Expo, is driven by his passion of helping others and paying it forward. 

Startup Spotlight: Factory Girls

Factory Girls is Atlanta's newest fashion incubator, dedicated to helping designers in Atlanta and the Southeast flourish. Rosa Thurnher co-founded Factory Girls with Regina Weir in December 2013 as a way to use their years of experience within the fashion industry to create and support Atlanta's local designers.