Startup Spotlight: Sidewalk District

Sidewalk District is an Atlanta startup that is making it easier to find local retailers and boutiques in your city. Currently showcasing 26 districts across Atlanta, Sidewalk District was founded by Janelle Jolley in 2011 in response to her own struggles finding the right shops and boutiques as she moved to Atlanta.

Platform Summit 2014 Recap: 33 Pieces of Wisdom

The second annual Platform.Org conference was this past weekend. The first Summit was held at the MIT Media Lab, but this year's Summit brought their message of an inclusive innovation economy to Morehouse College.

Startup Spotlight: Advantage Learning Cooperative & Kids 4 Coding

STEM careers have some of the highest growth rates in the country, but our education system isn't adjusting to the times. The Advantage Learning Cooperative & Kids 4 Coding is an Atlanta startup dedicated to fixing that gap through introducing and revitalizing STEM education for kids from grades 2 through 12. 

ATL Trep Trek

Atlanta is consistently listed among the top cities across the United States for entrepreneurs and innovation. As a city, we're more well known for our B2B, healthcare, security, and even entertainment startups and entrepreneurs. Looking into Atlanta's innovation ecosystem, it's clear that there's so much more than what you see at first glance. 

5 Ways to Find the Right Advisors for Your Startup

One of the most difficult parts of building your startup's team can be finding your advisory board. You probably have a selection of mentors who served as sounding boards for early incarnations of your idea and have helped you along your way. Having a strong advisory board can mean the difference between success and failure for your startup.