Advisor Spotlight: Sharron Battle

Sharron Battle is an Atlanta and Silicon Valley entrepreneur with a drive for helping entrepreneurs succeed. She has a diverse background ranging from mechanical and nuclear engineering to graphic design to strategy and finance. Sharron has also worked with several Fortune 500 companies, before deciding to move into consulting and then launching her startup Derbywire in 2009.

Advisor Spotlight: Mike Green

Mike Green is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background ranging from the Navy propulsion engineering to tech-entrepreneurship to journalism and digital media innovation strategies. He is motivated by his desire to connect disconnected communities nationwide to opportunities in the innovation economy.

Advisor Spotlight: Manish Shah

As an entrepreneur with a robust background in strategy and innovation, Manish A. Shah is driven by his enthusiasm for consulting and helping people make data-driven decisions. He has over 10 years of experience in analytics and sales and marketing strategy in the travel industry. Manish is an expert problem solver, using analytical approaches to help people craft resolutions and grow their business top lines.

Motivating Your Startup

Entrepreneurs always want to know the key to success. Significant time and effort are obvious requirements, but smaller elements contribute to entrepreneurial success as well. Paul Graham’s piece on keeping your startup from dying has been making the rounds again recently with his comments on the fear of humiliation pushing entrepreneurs to the next level.